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"Although the material I have been able to listen to resonates of mournful lyric and sadness this is not music to be taken with a bottle of pills, rather whilst watching the sun setting, to quietly contemplate the vastness of the universe." -


Raised in Québec, Canada, Alex Rights has always been interested in music in its various forms.
In started performing in his teenage years in venues like Le National in Montréal before finding a deep interest in music production and sound engineering. After college, he went to study digital music at Université de Montréal which gave him the opportunity to study and produce in the UK. During a year, he was exposed to fellow artists from all around Europe.

Alex is now back in Montréal where he started the project Folks & Pines as well as a record Label called Coffee & Keys


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Alex Rights - We run (Solo)


Folks & Pines - Folks & Pines

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